Volunteer Work

Refugee Services

–Advocate for Refugees in Resettlement Legislation: 

Testified in a hearing before State Senators on behalf of the South Carolina Refugee Resettlement Services against bill S997 that sought to remove state funding from refugee resettlement organizations and hold volunteers legally liable. Bill was successfully halted (February-May 2016).

–Volunteer, Refugee Service in Chicago, Berlin, Columbia, and New York (2016-19)

St. James' Place


Was on a team that designed a Café in Columbia where the homeless and others in need can come for free, high-quality coffee and to relax in an aesthetically inviting atmosphere; opened April, 2016  

Allegany County Outreach


Led 100+ member collegiate outreach to socioeconomically challenged children; 50+ year record-high membership, tripling participation from the previous year (2007-2009).



student & faculty discussion group: “understanding religious texts”

University of Chicago (2012-13)